Journal of Global Information and Business Strategy
Year 2019, Volume-11, Issue-1 (January to December)
Print ISSN : 0976-4925 and E-ISSN : 2582-6115


Table of Content

Factors Affecting Team Performance in IT Sector : An Exploratory Analysis
Rajni Gyanchandani, Bhavika Nathani, Deepak Jaroliya

An Explorative Analysis on Management Accounting Research : From Past to Future
Sudhendu Giri

Employer Branding Role in Attracting Fresh Talent
Nidhi Gupta

Internet Banking Performance : Marketing Possibilities and Customers’ Loyalty
Vippa Dhingra, Shalindra Singh Bhadouria

Modelling Volatility in Futures and Spot Returns
Sunita Arora, Kirti Dang

Consumer Perception Towards Financial Analytical Software : A Study on FAMS
Gaurav Jindal

An Analysis of General Pervez Musharraf’s Approach to Extremism and Militancy in Pakistan Post 9/11
Chetna Mishra, Vivek Kumar Mishra

Fundamental Analysis of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) Sector in India
Nikhil Garg

Exploring Significance of Consumer Brand Relationships Using their Love for Mobile Phone Brands
Suzanee Malhotra

A Study on the Efficiency of Vegetable Marketing : An Integrated Approach with Consumers’ and Farmer-Cum-Seller’s Perspective
Sarooj Kumar Sahoo, Yadav Devi Prasad Behera, Tushar Ranjan Sahoo

Predicting Default by Indian Firms Using Statistical Methods
Rajeev Kumar Upadhyay

Neuromarketing as a Tool of Customer Engagement for Encouraging on-Line Impulsive Buying
Surbhi Gambhir, Ritu Sharma

A Case Study on Best Human Resource Management Practices Implemented in Flashelec, New Zealand
T. V. Raman, Sheerali Arya