Journal of Global Information and Business Strategy
Year 2022, Volume-14, Number-1 (January to December)
Print ISSN : 0976-4925, E-ISSN : 2582-6115 and RNI No. DELENG/2010/36534

Table of Content

Adoption of Electric vehicles in India: An Extension of UTAUT Model
Dr Pooja Jain, Dr Geetanjali Purswani, Dr Deepika Upadhyay

Digitization: Road Ahead For Banking Industry
Ms. Anshika Goel

Understanding Stress in Role and Well-being in Manufacturing Sector: An Analysis of Major Sources
Dr. Farah Naeem, Mr. Shahnawaz

Caste Barrier: A Challenge of Promotion of Deprived Women Employees in Mumbai
Prof. (Dr.) Kanchan S. Fulmali

A Study of Inclusion, Discrimination and Career Development of Employees with Disabilities
Ms. Farida Ali Saeed Al Qadasi, Dr. Neeti Rana

The Impact Of Working From Home On The Employee’s Productivity : A study Of Delhi &NCR
Mr. Mokhtar Ahmed Ali Alshana, Dr. Neeti Rana

A Study On The Performance In National Stock Exchange (NSE) Sectoral Indices Of India
Dr. Sankar Thappa

A Study of CSR Practices and Competitive Performance of Selected Pharmaceutical Companies in India
Ms. Gaytri Malhotra, Dr. TV Raman

Crisis-Induced Digital Transformation: Does Leadership Matters to Lead Service Employees Effectively during the COVID-19 Pandemic?
Dr. Bhavika Nathani

A study of factors that affect the online impulse buying behavior of young customers in Patna
Dr. Jyotsna Rai, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav & Ms. Misha Shakeel

Impulse Buying Behaviour Of Virtual Customers In B2c Business Model
Dr. Sumee Dastidar, Ms. Minhaz Sabiha Osmani

Consumer Behavior Towards Online Shopping Amidst Pandemic In India
Ms. Hamia Khan