Journal of Global Information and Business Strategy
Year 2020, Volume-12, Issue-1 (January to December)
Print ISSN : 0976-4925

Table of Content

The Role of Discretionary Accruals and the Relevance of Accounting Profit for Algerian Companies

Hamidouche M’hamed, Belhadi Abdessamed, Salim Bourchid Abbelkader

Impact of Demonetization on the Indian Stock Market Returns and Volatility
Niti Goyal, Anil k. Mittal

The Role of Spiritual Intelligence in Teaching Excellence of Academicians in Higher Education Institutes of Delhi and NCR
Shaily Saxena, Pramod Kumar Nayak

Flexible Work Arrangements and Sustainability of Employees during Lockdown in Delhi
Nidhi Gupta, Anu Bhardwaj

A Study on Estimation of Volatility of Nifty-50 Index using Garch Model
Somen Mitra, Ravi Changle

E-Readiness of Higher Education Institutions: Private Vs Government Institutions- A Critique
Nidhi Bansal

Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Sector in India
Hanumanth A Rao, Raja Sekhar Mamillapalli

Repercussions of the Introduction of ICT in the Tourism Industry
Bipasha Chaudhary, Ashneet Kaur

Study of Features of Mobile Trading Apps: A Silver Lining of Pandemic
Suzanee Malhotra

Role of Psychological Immunity Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: Changing Paradigm of Teaching Competencies towards Blended Learning
Smriti Ahuja

Corporate Culture as a Stimulant to Employees Performance: An Empirical Analysis of IT Companies
Tina Sharma, Natasha Dahima, Bhawan Tiwari, Ajanksha Singh, Manisha Singh, Nilin Sharda

Impact of Bank Lending on Economic Growth of Nepal
Srijana Thapa