Legal Aid Clinic (LAC)






About Legal Aid Clinic (LAC)

Establishment in 2017, the Legal Aid Clinic at Centre for Legal Studies, Gitarattan International Business School, aims at empowering the downtrodden and providing solutions to their problems by using law as a tool of social engineering. We strive to support people who cannot afford legal assistance.

Aim of LAC

In India, the journey to legal aid is not a cheap road to walk on and not everyone can pay such a huge monetary amount at every trial. This is where we come in, the Legal Aid Clinic at CLS, GIBS acts as bridge between legal aid and poor, downtrodden, illiterate people and made every possible effort to ensure easy access to the justice delivery system for them.


One of the main objectives of this clinic is to bring about an equilibrium in the society, this is just not confined to free legal representation, but also free legal assistance, advice, awareness, law reforms, lokadalats, etc. To attain this objective, LAC provides legal services to the poor, marginalized and weaker sections of the society as categorized in Section 12 of the Legal Services Authorities Act 1987 (Central Act). To perform the task, Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) are appointed every year.

Code of Conduct

  1. All PLVs shall work under the guidance of a group leader nominated by the Faculty Coordinators.
  2. They shall make themselves worthy of the confidence and cooperation of the group/community leadership.
  3. DLSA and TLSC shall maintain a panel of Mentors/Guides whom the PLVs could contact in case of any clarification or assistance in connection with the discharge of their duties as PLVs.
  4. Para-Legal Volunteer shall educate people, especially those belonging to weaker sections of the society, to enable them to be aware of their right to live with human dignity.
  5. Para-Legal Volunteers shall assist the DLSA/TLSC for organizing legal awareness camps in their area of operation.
  6. Para-Legal Volunteers shall submit monthly reports of their activities to the DLSA/TLSC under whom they are working in the prescribed format.
  7. Para-Legal Volunteers shall see that publicity materials on legal services activities are exhibited at prominent places in their area of activity.
  8. PLVs can be removed from LAC if they do not attend majority of sessions/visits, if there are going against any of the values set by LAC, and if they are disruptive to the group.


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