Lakshya-The Sports Club of giBS


About the Club

GIBS introduced LAKSHYA, the sports Club of GIBS for the physical and mental well being of its students as well as its employees. In order to encourage the students in sports activities LAKSHYA conducts Intramural tournament in various sports and games for Boys and Girls separately.

Aim of the Club

The main aim of LAKSHYA is to inculcate sports consciousness, encourage skill development, provide recreation and promote the values of integrity, among the students. LAKSHYA is also concerned about the health and fitness of GIBS employees. Various sports event conducted under Lakshya at present are Cricket Tournament, Badminton Tournament, Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis and Billiards.

Objectives of the Club

  • To offer the community an opportunity to participate in a broad variety of sports and recreational activities.
  • To inculcate healthy sporting habit among the students and staff.
  • To infuses discipline  and learn teamwork at work, coordination among diverse cultural & ethnic groups.
  • Value of time, precision & competitiveness are the major learning points apart from communication, coordination & teamwork.

Code Of Conduct for Club Members

  1. All members shall work under the guidance of student coordinators nominated by the Faculty Coordinator.
  2. They shall make themselves worthy of the confidence and cooperation of the group leadership.
  3. They shall scrupulously avoid entering into any controversial issues.
  4. They shall keep day-to-day record of their activities/experience
  5. Students can be removed from the club if they do not attend majority of practices/events, if there are going against any of the values we have as a Club, and if they are disruptive to the group.

Glimpse of Event