IIC-Institute Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cell






About IIC

IIC fosters the culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Institute. Students participate in activities organized by Ministry of Education with the aim to innovate and develop creative solutions for the nation’s problems.

Aim of IIC

Ministry of Education, Govt. of India has established an ‘Innovation cell’ with a purpose of systematically fostering the culture of Innovation in all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the country.

Under the guidance of MOE, Innovation Cell at GIBS focuses on creating complete ecosystem for the students which will foster the culture of Innovation at the institute from ideas generation to pre-incubation, incubation and graduating from the incubator as successful start-ups. Round the year IIC keeps on organizing activities for the awareness and skill development of the students. IIC also promotes the MOE Innovation Cell activities among its students and encourages them to participate.

Objectives of IIC

  • To foster the ‘Culture of Innovation’ in the Institute.
  • To promote innovative business ideas.
  • To orient the students about entrepreneurship and assist them to initiate a start-up.
  • To conduct activities as per the IIC calendar.
  • To participate in Heckathons and other events organized by Apex authorities.
  • Establish function ecosystem for scouting ideas and pre-incubation of ideas.

Code of Conduct for IIC Members

The students are to follow strict discipline and abide by the norms mentioned in the activity brochure/poster/flyer.

  1. For the purpose of effective functioning of the Cell, the records and registers are to be maintained at the institution level.
  2. Each member must undergo the IIC Orientation Programme.
  3. The Cell must have its team to participate in all Intra-College and Inter-College Competition.
  4. All members shall work under the guidance of a group leader nominated by the Faculty Coordinators.
  5. They shall make themselves worthy of the confidence and cooperation of the group/community leadership.
  6. They shall scrupulously avoid entering into any controversial issues.
  7. Students can be removed from the Cell if they do not attend majority of practices/events, if they are going against any of the values we have as a society , and if they are disruptive to the group.

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