GIBS Law Journal
Year 2021, Volume-3, Issue-1 (February)
ISSN (Print): 2582-4627
ISSN (Online): 2582-7529
RNI No.: DELENG/2019/78258

Table of Content

Liability of Hospitals under Medical Negligence in India: An Analytical View Based on Various Judicial Decisions
Dr. Aneesh V. Pillai

Addressing Domestic Abuse of Women amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: A Human Rights Perspective
Dr. Sanyukta Moitra & Ms. Sukla Saha

Cyber Terrorism: Analyzing the Threat in the Light of 9/11 Attack in USA and 26/11 Attack in Mumbai (India)
Ms. Anuttama Ghose & S.M Aamir Ali

Offences Against Women Viz-A-Viz The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2018
Ms. Lovepreet Kaur

Constitutional Morality as Tool in Interpretation of the Constitution – A Critical Analysis
Nandita Narayan

Sedition Laws in India: Constant tussle in a Democracy
Akanksha Marwah

Women’s Rights to Abortion: A Human Rights Approach
Anna John

Counterbalancing the Right to Privacy and State Surveillance in India
Aditya Verma

Substance of the Right to Strike Under International Law: The Right to Strike in Regional Human Rights Law
Dr Gogo George Otuturu

Surrogacy in India: An Analysis of Socio-Economic & Legal Aspects of Surrogacy
Sadaf Ansari

Prisoners’ Disenfranchisement: Need For Reformation
Siddharth Mehta & Girish Ahuja

Plain Packaging and Way Forward for India
Parag Chahal

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Realm of Sustainable Development: An Indian Perspective
Saiji J.S

Transformative Constitutionalism and Constitutional Morality with respect to Religion and Gender Justice
Tauseef Ahmad & Shweta

Common Property Resources and Sustainable Development Under Indian Legal Framework
Jayanta Boruah

A Socio-Legal Study of Custodial Violence in India
Ms. Kulsum Haider