Current Issue

Current Issue

Journal of Global Information and Business Strategy
Year 2020, Volume-12, Issue-1 (January to December)
Print ISSN : 0976-4925 and E-ISSN : 2582-6115

Table of Content

The Role of Discretionary Accruals and the Relevance of Accounting Profit for Algerian Companies
Hamidouche M’hamed, Belhadi Abdessamed & Salim Bourchid Abbelkader

Impact of Demonetization on the Indian Stock Market Returns and Volatility
Niti Goyal & Anil k. Mittal

The Role of Spiritual Intelligence in Teaching Excellence of Academicians in Higher Education Institutes of Delhi and NCR
Shaily Saxena & Pramod Kumar Nayak

Flexible Work Arrangements and Sustainability of Employees during Lockdown in Delhi
Nidhi Gupta & Anu Bhardwaj

A Study on Estimation of Volatility of Nifty – 50 Index using Garch Model
Somen Mitra & Ravi Changle

E-Readiness of Higher Education Institutions: Private Vs Government Institutions- A Critique
Nidhi Bansal

Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Sector in India
Hanumanth A Rao & Raja Sekhar Mamillapalli

Repercussions of the Introduction of ICT in the Tourism Industry
Bipasha Chaudhary & Ashneet Kaur

Study of Features of Mobile Trading Apps: A Silver Lining of Pandemic
Suzanee Malhotra

Role of Psychological Immunity Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: Changing Paradigm of Teaching Competencies towards Blended Learning
Smriti Ahuja

Corporate Culture as a Stimulant to Employees Performance: An Empirical Analysis of IT Companies
Tina Sharma, Natasha Dahima, Bhawana Tiwari,
Ajanksha Singh, Manisha Singh & Nilin Sharda

Impact of Bank Lending on Economic Growth of Nepal
Srijana Thapa