Prof. (Dr.) Qazi Asif Zameer


Prof. Qazi Asif Zameer, Ph.D., boasts an impressive career spanning 34.5 years, characterized by his dual roles in academia and industry. He presently holds the position of Professor in Marketing at FORE School of Management, New Delhi, where he imparts knowledge, engages in research, and facilitates academic coordination. His academic journey includes significant stints at esteemed institutions. He served as the Dean of Academics at IMT CDL, Ghaziabad, and the Dean of Corporate Relations at FORE School of Management, where he managed various responsibilities, including academic leadership, program management, teaching, research, and industry relations. His academic contributions are substantial, with a strong focus on marketing. Prof. Zameer specializes in areas such as Sales and Distribution Management, B2B Marketing, Retail Management, Strategic Marketing, and Mall Management. He has also ventured into innovative marketing simulations like MARKSTRAT and INDUSTRAT. Moreover, Prof. Zameer has been a visiting faculty at several renowned institutes and universities. He has supervised Ph.D. candidates and received recognition for his scholarly work, including the Shriram Best Article Award from the Delhi Management Association. Outside academia, Prof. Zameer has accumulated significant industry experience, working in various capacities in organizations like Allied Electronics & Magnetics Limited (AMKETTE), Wilkinson Sword India Limited (GILLETTE), and Geep Industrial Syndicate Limited, among others. With an extensive academic and industry background, Prof. Qazi Asif Zameer stands as a prominent figure in the field of marketing, contributing to research, education, and the development of marketing strategies.