Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Gupta


Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Gupta has an extensive academic and professional background, primarily in the field of finance and management. He holds various degrees and certifications, including a Ph.D. in Finance. With 30 years of experience, including 22 years in academics and 8 in industry, he currently serves as the Head of the Department of Management Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi. Throughout his career, he has held numerous academic positions, including roles as a professor and academic coordinator. He has also been involved in administrative assignments and activities, such as serving on various committees and boards related to education and research.

Pankaj Kumar Gupta has been involved in several research projects and has presented his work at numerous international conferences across the globe, addressing topics in finance, risk management, and related fields. His academic and professional journey reflects a deep commitment to education and research in the areas of finance and management. He has been actively involved in numerous international and national conferences in India, where he has contributed to discussions and presented research on various topics related to finance, management, and related fields. He has also served as a keynote speaker and chair at several conferences. His conference contributions include discussions on technological disruptions in international higher education, e-waste management practices, relationships between inflation and stock market returns, equity research accuracy, financial reporting quality, and more. These conferences reflect his deep engagement in academic research and discussions within the domains of finance and management at both the national and international levels.

Pankaj Kumar Gupta is a distinguished academic and researcher with expertise in finance, risk management, and insurance. He has an extensive publication record, including research papers and books, covering various topics in these fields. Some of his notable publications include studies on long memory dependence in Asian stock markets, credit default prediction for micro-enterprise financing in India, and the impact of corporate governance practices on Indian firms’ performance. Additionally, he has been involved in organizing seminars and conferences related to finance and management. Gupta’s contributions reflect his dedication to advancing knowledge in finance and related disciplines.