Career Opportunities for Women in Management

Career Opportunities for Women in Management

Women being the creators of the world have always been very prominent and efficient balancing the work and life cycle. GIBS believes in the fact that women make great leaders if guided towards the right direction and facilitation. With chunk of women enrolling at GIBS for management studies every year, we hereby present the best career opportunities for women in management, because we believe that the society doesn’t grow in its true sense until their women grow.

1. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are vital as far as the role is concerned for a marketing plans and strategize ways in which a product can be made viable in market. The very look, brand, its initial framework is decided by the marketing managers. And it is observed that women make an excellent marketing managers as they naturally possess qualities which is required, they come up with campaigns, brand development strategies, better analysis of the market structure and regulations. Thus, making women just perfect for the job. An example: Jaishree Chaudhary, Marketing Manager at HDFC Bank.

2. Sales Manager

Sales manager is one who determines the sales strategies after the brand is packaged and ready to sell in the market. A sales manager manages sales team, motivates the team to achieve the sales targets and get with the strategies that would elevate the market for their product. Sales is known the later process but is a crucial one as the profit ratio is determined by the number of unit sold. Women are observed to be one of the best when it comes to manage sales. An example: Natasha Arora, Sales Manager at The Oberoi Group.

3. Financial Manager

Finance of any business is a capital asset which should be put to the best use. An asset as key as finance requires full time managers. Managers who decide and plans around the investment and other regulations. Women being the natural home makers and finance handler of any household are seemed best for the role of a finance manager. An example: Tamanna Chawla, Financial Manager at American Express.

4. Computer and Information Systems Manager

IT managers look after the technical department and manage it for the most efficient working of any establishment. Technology plays an important role in today’s business world as technology has made things easier for beings. Women like all the other fields have proven themselves best in the technological field as well. An example: Himani Attri, IT Manager at NCR Corporation.

5. Public Relations Manager

PR managers are crucial in the world of social media and media as the accomplishments of the business has to be communicated to world in a subtle manner and that’s when a role of PR manager becomes vital as PR team comes up which strategies to decode the chaotic world of media and image building a PR manager guides its client about the do’s and don’ts of public handling. Women being Cautious by their nature is a very trait that makes them stand out as a PR manager. An example: Priyanka Dey, PR Manager at Realme India.

6. Human Resources Manager

Human resource manager plays an important role for the business as it involves selecting just the right candidates for an organization. Women are great with their instinct and they are better in selecting the candidates who prove to be an asset to the organization. Women are also great motivational speakers when required and often sums up into solutions to complexed situations that would cater to a great working environment. A good HR sets an enthusiastic approach towards maintaining the harmony of an organization which at the same time inculcates is efficiency in the employee. An example: Reena Kumari, HR Manager at Jindal Group of Industries.

7. General Manager

General Manager is person who handles responsibility of managing both the revenue and cost elements of a company’s income statement, known as profit & loss (P&L).  A general manager usually oversees most or all of the firm’s marketing and sales functions as well as the day-to-day operations of the business. A general manager is also responsible for effective planning, delegating, coordinating, staffing, organizing, and decision making to attain desirable profit making results for an organization. Women being multitaskers manage the jobs pretty well. An example: Pooja Kumari, General Manager at IBM Technical.

Women fit just well if put on to the higher positions and we at GIBS abundantly focus on tailoring our women candidates into the leaders of tomorrow. Someone once said that “women are and will always be the future of this world, not only because they bring a new life in this world but, they bring new perspective which is both distinct and far seen”.

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