Still in a Fix? Various Areas of Specialization & Quick Tips to select the right specialization in MBA

Still in a Fix? Various Areas of Specialization & Quick Tips to select the right specialization in MBA

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a two-years degree programme that offers students a thorough knowledge of business administration. It is a step closer to your dream career. Once you opt for this programme, you dive deep into the specializations offered by the concerned institute, all more the reason, opting for the right institute becomes crucial, as it can either make or break your career. So make sure to conduct extensive research. To help you here, we have listed down the areas of specialization and quick tips to select the right one for you. 

  1.  International Business (IB)

 We are one of the few colleges that offer specialization in International Business. MBA in IB is for those who wish to develop their strengths and career opportunities in a global context. The number of MNCs in India has drastically increased and has subsequently changed our country’s business environment. With businesses turning global in approach, MBA in IB will offer extensive opportunities for you. Under this specialization, you will study subjects like Import-export policies, International Business Environment, International Economics, etc. 

  • Finance

A financial expert earns an attractive salary as he needs to know how to be good with numbers, think strategically, and work under pressure. Today, it is not easy to find such comprehensive skill set. With specialisation in Finance, you gain extensive knowledge and skills about International Financial Management, Corporate tax, Security analyses and Investment Management, etc. Some key job titles for a graduate with MBA in Finance may include Financial Manager, Budget Analyst, Financial Advisor, Investment Banking Associates, etc.  

  • Human Resource (HR)

An HR is a binding force that keeps the whole team together. MBA in Human Resource will equip you with leadership and organizational skills necessary for this domain. You will learn immensely about organizational psychology and workspace, which will help you develop the skills and knowledge to help the company in talent acquisition. Thus, it will make you a valuable part of the company and will ensure future job stability.  

  • Marketing

Marketing has endless scope. Since no business can thrive without marketing, it becomes an integral part of the organizational operation, and hence, the opportunities here are endless. Marketing is about understanding the customers’ needs, converting them into desired products/services, and selling them to the target audience. The most popular profiles that come across are Sales, market research, branding & business analyst. As a marketing graduate, you’ll learn about Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management, Service Marketing, Sales and Distribution Management, Customer Relationship Management, etc. 

  • Information Technology (IT)

Technology has become an uncompromising part of our lives. With technology gaining more and more relevance in the business world, MBA in Information Technology is in high demand. IT has been at the heart of redefining what it means to work, to work well, to be productive, and to provide a valuable service. For the most part, the skills learned in this specialization include System Analysis and Design, Network Application and Management, Database management System, etc. 

Tips for selecting the right specialisation

Choosing the right specialisation is not a simple task. While making such a crucial decision for your career, make sure you do extensive research. To ease your load, we have listed a few tips for selecting the right specialisation.

  1. Your Skills and Experience

We all have built-in skills while working in the past. Keep these skills and strengths in mind while selecting the specialisation so that it helps you to amplify your knowledge and excel. 

  • Return On Investment (ROI)

It is crucial to evaluate the financial return you will gain on your investment. Make sure you do an extensive study about the money you will invest and the return you will get in terms of salary and growth prospects after the course. 

  • Future goals

 What are your life goals? Why did you decide to opt for an MBA program? Your goals and ambitions should profoundly influence your decision here. 

  • Business trends

The world of business is dynamic. So make sure you understand the current and projected future trends. Based on this information, you should opt for the specialisation.  

Every specialization has its own benefits. They can help you develop the right skills and provide extensive knowledge of the domain. Make sure to do your research before selecting any to build a successful career.

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