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Current Issue

giBS Digest
Year 2022, Volume-4, Issue-1 (July 2022)

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Cover Story/Feature Article


Crypto Currency: What It Is, Pros & Cons
Sachin Pathak, Student, MBA Semester 4, GIBS

Why India’s exports are at record high as demand revives?
Anoushka Goel, MBA-IB Semester 4, GIBS

Reducing Import Dependence: Atmanirbharta ki Aur
Prashant Gupta, MBA Semester 4, GIBS

Cryptocurrency in India: Status Quo & Future
Sahil Malhotra, MBA Semester 2, GIBS

FINTECH: The Digital Transformation
Pragati Chaudhary, MBA Semester 4, GIBS

Be the Financial Fit
Muskan Malhotra, BBA Semester 4, GIBS

Transformation India into Cashless Economy
Richa Bharti, BBA Semester 2, GIBS

Union Budget 2022-23 Analysis
Saachi Goel, BBA Semester 6, GIBS

An Interview with our Alumni Mr Saahil Hasan Khan, Media Marketing and Advertising Professional


Life Insurance: A Savior in the Pandemic
Kushagre Baweja, BBA-LLB Semester 8, GIBS

Covid-19 Variant: The Omicorn in Asia
Khyati Vohra, BBA Semester 4, GIBS

Effect of Covid-19 on Domestic Tourism
Riya Khanna, BBA Semester 6, GIBS

Mental Health Post Pandemic
Shreya Sachdev, BBA Semester 2, GIBS

Virtual Learning Induces Stress & Anxiety amongst Students, Professors & Parents
Kanza Kazmi, BBA Semester 4, GIBS

Entrepreneurial insight from passionate leader Mr Rajneesh Singh


Ethics & Moral Values
Aashi Yadav, MBA Semester 2, GIBS

We May Live in Space Opera Without Realizing It
Anoushka Goel, MBA-IB Semester 4, GIBS

The Mascots of the Destiny
P. Pratibha Nair, MBA Semester 2, GIBS

The Patriotic Way of Improving Productivity of a Nation
Ribeka, MBA Semester 4, GIBS

Migration of Brilliance from India
Ankur Singh SHekhawat, BBA-LLB Semester 2, GIBS

Emerging Trends and Challenges in Human Resources
Mansi Dawar, BBA Semester 4, GIBS

Aastha Sangwan , BA-LLB Semester 2, GIBS

Time and Tide Wait for None
Kanishka Sajwan, BBA Semester 2, GIBS

Food Wastage in India
Daniya Nayab, BBA Semester 4, GIBS

No Health Without Mental Health
Neha Chaudhary, BBA-LLB Semester 6, GIBS

The Role of Yoga in Stress Management
Muskan Arora, BBA Semester 6, GIBS

In conversation with Arjit Das, Chief Strategy Officer at EO Energy Private Limited


The Panacea for all ills- Women Liberation
Shubhangi Gulati, BBA Semester 6, GIBS

Women Empowerment
Vrinda Gupta, BBA Semester 4, GIBS

Men Rights Movement in India
Ayush Sharma, BBA-LLB Semester 2, GIBS

Right to Privacy in Light of LGBTOI: The Community Without Boundaries
Ruchika Gupta, BBA Semester 8, GIBS

Ensuring the Safety of Women
Vibha Agarwal, BBA Semester 6, GIBS

Women’s Rights
Swadha Srivastava, BA-LLB Semester 2, GIBS


Emergency Arbitration
Dhruv Bhardwaj, BBA-LLB Semester 8, GIBS

Mediating a Mediation Reform in Criminal Justice System in India
Esha Aggarwal & Navya Sharma, BBA-LLB Semester 6, GIBS

Article 282 and its Ramifications on India’s Federal Structure. A Brief History of Legal Developments
Digvijay Singh, BBA-LLB Semester 8, GIBS

The Competition Law in India
Manvi Tyagi, BBA-LLB Semester 6, GIBS

Are the Environmental Laws Strong Enough to Fight the Increasing Environment Issues?
Akansha Sharma, BA-LLB Semester 8, GIBS

Media Trial- An Impediment to the Administration of Justice
Devika Singh, BBA-LLB Semester 6, GIBS

Martial Rape in India-An Overview
Mridul Bansal, BBA-LLB Semester 10, GIBS

Kartik Gupta, BBA Semester 6, GIBS

Is Shareholder Activism on its Knees in India?
Mansi Dixit, BBA-LLB Semester 6, GIBS

Unlawful Conversion of Marriage for Religion
Navya Saxena, BBA-LLB Semester 4, GIBS

Analysis of Personal Data Protection Bill 2019
Shanya Walia, BA-LLB Semester 4, GIBS

Reality of Hindutva
Ayush Pandey, BA-LLB Semester 4, GIBS

Fugitive Economic Offenders and Non-Performing Assets
Ruchika Gupta, BA-LLB Semester 8, GIBS

Issues and Challenges to Address Child Abuse in India
Priyanshu Palariya, BA-LLB Semester 4, GIBS

Delinquency amongst Juveniles
Bhumika Gupta, BBA-LLB Semester 2, GIBS

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied
Ruchika Gupta, BA-LLB Semester 8, GIBS

Two Child Policy: Is it Required in India
Aashi Drall, BA-LLB Semester 8, GIBS


Is Marketing Automation: Future of Marketing?
Manav Sharma, MBA Semester 4, GIBS

Digital Marketing – Backbone for Global Market
Priyanka Kashyap, MBA-IB Semester 4, GIBS

Brand Evolvement through Marketing
Mansi Verma, BBA Semester 2, GIBS

CSR- An Employer Branding Perspective!
Mukul Garg, MBA Semester 2, GIBS

Bottom Line Thinking
Vinayak Tibrewal, BBA Semester 4, GIBS


Artificial Intelligence in Airlines
Vaibhav Sharma, MBA-IB Semester 4, GIBS

Social Media’s Impact on Students
Prachi Ahluwalia, BBA Semester 2, GIBS

Social Networking and Its Impact on Youth
Aishwarya Tiwari, BBA Semester 2, GIBS

Role of Artificial Intelligence in HRM
Akansha Pandey, BBA Semester 2, GIBS

Big Data
Vaibhav Sharma, BBA Semester 2, GIBS

Concatenation of the Cyberspace
Hiten Chadha, BBA Semester 2, GIBS