Current Issue

Current Issue

giBS Digest
Year 2020, Volume-2, Issue-1 (September 2020)

Table of Content

Cover Story

Transition are Always Difficult but We Shall Overcome
Dr. Ashneet Kaur, Assistant Professor (Economics), giBS

Feature Article

Reinventing Management for a Digital World
Dr. Amit Nagpal, President and Co-Founder, Bloggers Alliance

Marketing Analytics
Dr. Anjali Gupta, Associate Professor (Marketing), giBS

Aatma Nirbhar Bharat
Ms. Neha Arora Chawla, Assistant Professor (Finance), giBS

Competition Issues in Indian Market: Challenges and Way Forward
Paramjeet Bhamra, Student, BBALLB Semester 6, giBS

Emerging into a New Era of Digitalization
Dr. Monika Trakru, Assistant Professor (IT), giBS;
Nitin Dawar, Student, MBA Semester 4, giBS; Ruchika Gupta, Student, BALLB Semester 4, giBS

Expert Opinion:In Conversation with Pankaj Vasani
Business leader and Finance Expert, Former CFO, Publicis

Reinventing India’s Foreign Policy to Build a New India
Ms. Muskan Grover, Assistant Professor (Law), giBS

Panipat: The Battlefield of History Turns into a Centre for Circular Economy
Prof. Anup Ghosh, Professor (HR), giBS

Article 370 Rendered Inoperative: Really a Great Move to Rectify the “Historical Blunder”?
Kavya Budhiraja, Student, BBALLB Semester 7, giBS

National Education Policy 2020
Dr. Sheetal Chaddha, Associate Professor (HR), giBS

Humanness in Digital Economy of the Organization: An Erosion and Inundation of Life Skills
Dr. Nagendra Singh, President, Aseed International Learning Centre

Inspired Roots:Carrying the Flag for giBS – An Interview with our Alumni Deepanshu Kumar, Chegg India
Interviewed by : Shikha Sharma MBA (IB), Semester 4, giBS

New Face of Advertising
Prof. Uma Gulati, Professor (Marketing), giBS

Sustainable Finance: New Phase of Indian Stock Market
Dr. Pooja C. Sharma, Assistant Professor (Finance), giBS

A Fitness a Zero Percent Investment with Unlimited Returns
Ms. Sonal Ahuja, Assistant Professor (Finance), giBS

Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Global Trade
Dr. Sneha Chaudhary, Assistant Professor (International Business), giBS

Start Up, Stand Up, Gear Up India
Kashish Singhal, Student, BBA Semester 6, giBS

New Awakening:An Entrepreneurial Insight from Young passionate leader
Akshat Singhal, Founder, CEO, Legistify

Embracing Jammu and Kashmir after 72 Years: The Much Needed Diversion or Not ??
Ms. Chippy Krishnan, Assistant Professor (Law), giBS

India Catching Up or taking the lead in Health care?
Dr. Savneet Kaur, Assistant Professor & Scientist-in-Charge (Animal House), ILBS Hospital

Circular Economy : Need of the Hour
Sijin Thomas, Student, MBA(IB) Semester 4, giBS

Application of Remote Sensing and GIS in Developing Disaster Resilient Cities in New India
Mr. Mohit Kumar, Research Analyst, IRADe

New India’s Citizenship Amendment Act and Whether it Violets Article 14
Riya Soni, Student, Bennett University

Beyond the Boundaries:Covid – 19 in India: Getting the Genie back into the Bottle
Dr. Gagandeep Singh, Clinical Fellow,Oxford University, UK