Current Issue

Current Issue

giBS Digest
Year 2021, Volume-3, Issue-1 (July 2021)

Table of Content

Cover Story/Feature Article

Impact of Covid-19 on Global Economy: The Way Forward
Kavya Budhiraja, Student, BBA LLB (2017-22), GIBS

Re-Learning and Re-Skilling COVID-19
Dr. Sheetal, Associate Professor (HR), GIBS

The New Normal: Transformation Continues
Deeksha, Student, BBA LLB (2018-23), GIBS

Aarogya Setu Application: Threat to Right to Privacy or Health Wizard
Ms Shivangi Sharma, Assistant Professor (Law), GIBS

Domestic Violence Amid and Post Global Outbreak Lockdown
Dr. Ashu Dhiman, Assistant Professor (Law), GIBS

Crisis Create New Character
Avantika, Student, BBA LLB (2016-21), GIBS

Expert Opinion:In Conversation with Susane Guthrie
Co-Founder at Mosten Guthrie Academy

The Constitutional Framework for Environment Protection in India and
its Relevance in the Covid-Era

Mr Mukesh Kalwani, Assistant Professor (Law), GIBS

Effect of Remote Studying on Education System
Ms Tinu Anand, Assistant Professor (Finance), GIBS

Predictive Anomalies in Reshaping Aviation Industry
Prof. A. S. Ramanarayanan, Professor (Finance), GIBS

Travel & Tourism: Trend in recent times
Prof. Uma Gulati, Professor (Marketing), GIBS

Human Rights Vs. The Pandemic: Need for Reforms
Ms Shireen Singh, Assistant Professor (Law), GIBS

Inspired Roots: An Interview with our Alumni Manish Kumar
Associate Director, Standard Chartered Bank

ADR and its Transformation in Current Scenario
Param Bhamra, Student, BBA LLB (2017-22),GIBS Francesca Valastro, Student, J.D. Equivalent, University of Trento

Global Financial Crisis (2008) Vs. Pandemic Crisis (2019)
Ms. Manisha Kaushal, Assistant Professor(Finance), GIBS

Telecommuting : A New Insight before HR
Prof A.K.Ghosh (HR), Professor , GIBS

Agriculture Sector could be a Silver Lining for Post Covid Recovery of Indian Economy
Dr. Kalpana Devi, Assistant Professor (Law), GIBS

Paradigm Shift in Life: Post Pandemic Effects
Kajal Sharma, Student, BA LLB (2017-22), GIBS

Entrepreneurial Insight From Young Passionate Leader-Mr Randhir Kumar
Founder & CEO-Basic First Learning

Virtual Summits: Need of the Hour
Ms Muskan Grover, Assistant Professor (Law), GIBS

Disruption of Marketing
Dr. Anjali Gupta, Associate Professor (Marketing), GIBS

The Indian Insurance Sector: In for the Long Haul
Mr. Tanmay Pant, Assistant Professor(Marketing), GIBS

Adversity of Outbreak and Unprecedented Labour Migration
Mr. Rakesh Makol, Assistant Professor (Economics), GIBS

Role of Emotional Intelligence in Financial Sector
Dr. Pooja C. Sharma, Assistant Professor (Finance), GIBS

HRM Transformation with the Outburst of Covid 19
Ms Swati Sharma, Assistant Professor (HR), GIBS