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The GIBS TALKS is a web based talk show series on the theme ROADMAP TO HIGHER EDUCATION - POST COVID’19. During this pandemic lockdown, the stake holders of education sector faced different problems and still their problems are continuing. Ministry of HRD, Govt of India, in the meantime, set up their plan and University Grant Commission already shared their guideline to the Universities and other Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) to prepare and disseminate their future plan towards closing of the ensuing academic semester. Due to extension of lockdown successively many of the HEI and Universities are waiting for the time being to circulate the action plan. Hence the students, teachers, administrative staff members, parents are in dilemma about the future. To unearth those answer of the questions roaming around the mind of the stake holders, this talk show will bring one academic stalwart of the country on every Sunday at 6 PM. S/he will deliver his/ her speech on any sub-theme related to this main theme and also will answer few questions raised by the attendee at the time of their registration.

The Interested candidates may register to join the webinar and they also put their own questions for which he/she is eager to hear something from this academic stalwart. First 15 questions will be answered in each episode.

About The Topic


Covid-19 has caused unprecedented disruptions for academics. India’s strict lockdown measures have led to a complete shutting of all types of academic activities. The shutdown was sudden and abrupt in several aspects, but many higher education institutions (HEIs) have endeavoured to minimize the covid-induced disruptions in order to facilitate academic activities without compromising the safety of students. The pandemic challenge has been accepted. HEIs have become more responsive and proactive within the limited resources at their disposal.

The abrupt shutdown gave a limited window to the institutions to prepare for the impending disruptions. HEIs are now fast adapting to alternative pedagogy to engage students remotely and to continue the teaching and learning process in a “Teach-From-Home-Students-At-Home" situation. This can now be termed as “pandemic pedagogy" in academic lexicon. In the mean time UGC declared its future policies to face the challenges of future days and declared an outline for the Universities to prepare for current academic year completion and start of coming academic session. Govt of India has declared its Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to boost the economy from different perspective. Reforming Governance for Ease of Doing Business, Recent Corporate Law measures to boost Measures for Ease of Doing Business, Technology driven Systems - Online Education during COVID are part of this 20 Lakh crore economic booster declared by the Finance Minister.

All these policies are not properly deliberated before the academic stakeholders in large. Students and teaching fraternity is eager to know what will be their future. How Future days pedagogy and academic delivery system will be to make the countrymen Atmanirbhar. This webinar has been set up that platform before the different stake holder to learn from the authorities on different important dimensions.

Episode 1

14th June, 2020 (Sunday) at 6 PM

The sub-theme for inaugural Episode is ‘Required Changes In Technical Education’. In the post lockdown period, there may be newer ways to teach the students. To maintain social distancing, different policies may be on the way. We may face many other lockdown, till the remedy will be invented. Work from home, teaching from home, learning from home, Exam from home are the buzzword now-a days in the education sector of the globe. But a country like India, where learner number is very high, infrastructural support is a challenge, sinking economic condition, downward market, most of the stake holders have set different questions in their mind – how will be the new teaching learning process in the changed scenario. How the academic evaluation process will take newer shape. What will be the Infrastructure support? What will be Research& Development parameters? . This inaugural episode will be delivered by Prof. Dr K K Aggarwal, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi.

Highlight of Episode 1

Gitarattan International Business School organized webinar on,” Required Changes in Technical Education” on 14th June, 2020. This was Episode 1 in series of “The GIBS Talk: Season 1” where 1496 registrations were acknowledged.The session was carried by Prof. (Dr). K. K. Aggarwal, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation. Prof. Aggarwal declared the Covid 19 situation as highest order of disruption which has affected the education industry. He highlighted that 33 crore students are sitting at home and the major issues which Educational Institutions have faced are related to teaching methodology and conduct of examination.

He discussed that this pandemic year 2020 will be more of online teaching and consequently our Institutions and teachers have to act in such a scenario. He proposed that our teachers should now make a passage towards building T shape personality where they have to carry depth and breadth of their respective subjects. Teachers have to acquaint themselves with virtual platform to cop up with online teaching.

Further answering to the questions of participants he respondedthat online teaching can never take over offline teaching but surely it will supplement it. Institutions planning for Covid recovery must include student perspective. Answering to question represented on evaluation process, Prof Aggawal replied that no single evaluation process can be suggested in present scenario. The process of evaluation will have different parameters depending on subject technology etc..

GIBS earnestly thank Prof. K. K. Aggarwal for accepting our invitation and taking out precious time to address the Participants.

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About the speaker

Prof.(Dr.) K.K. Aggarwal, Chairman, National Board of Accreditation, New Delhi
Prof. K K Aggarwal has been associated with NBA in various capacities since its inception and was Chairman, EEAC ( Tier-II ) before taking over as Chairman, NBA on 14th January, 2019. Prof. Aggarwal, obtained his Bachelor of Engineering Degree from Punjab University and Masters Degree from NIT, Kurukshetra. Later, he did his Ph.D also from NIT, Kurukshetra. After a distinguished service of 27 years at NIT, Kurukshetra, Prof. Aggarwal served as Pro Vice-Chancellor, GJU, Hisar for a period of three years, and then as Founder Vice Chancellor of GGS Indraprastha University, Delhi for a period of 10 years. He has been President of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) for the period 2002-2004, President, Computer Society of India from 2007-2009 and President of South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) from 2008-10. Prof.
Prof. (Dr.) Aggarwal has published approximately 400 papers in the reputed journals – about 50% of these in international journals. He has been widely consulted by the industry, most-notable being his contribution towards the Reliability Analysis for PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). Prof. Aggarwal was conferred the Honorary Fellowship by Broadcast Society of India. He was decorated with Life Time Achievement Award by IETE and also by Computer Society of India.

Who Should Attend

This GIBS TALKS is designed for all the stake holders of Higher Education sector of the country i.e., students, parents, faculty members, administrative staff members, edupreneurs and employers.

Episode 2

21ST JUNE, 2020 (SUNDAY) at 6 PM

The sub-theme for 2nd Episode is ‘Strength Within, Success Throughout’. During this pandemic, it has been identified that Asian countrymen can resist the deadly impact of COVID 19 because of their herd immunity. During the last five months, this virus has changed its structure and format many a times and it is also unknown to us what type of viral attack we may face in future. To fight with that we need to strengthen ourselves from within. A person with strong immunity may easily fight with the unknown challenges which a weak immune person could not. Hence, the theory of survival for the fittest is the truth for the future days. Many a people gradually start their work to face challenges. But for that they need to strengthen their power from within, face the challenges boldly and gain success. There are many questions in the mind of the stake holders like how I will survive without infection; Can I resist the viral attack while I will go to campus in future, What should be my preparations and precautions, What activities I shall maintain in my life to become successful. To talk on this topic, Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma will be in the show, who is a renowned Prosthodontist of the country and recipient of Padmashri, the fourth highest civilian award of the Country, for his contribution in the medical science.

Highlight of Episode 2

We need to be strong within and when we are strong we can conquer the world. With these words Padmashri Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma, Vice Chancellor, Guru Gobind Singh Indra Prastha University, Delhi started his talk at Episode 2 of “The GIBS Talk: Season 1 on theme: Strength Within Success Throughout”. GIBS organized the webinar on 21st June, 2020 wherein 2122 registrations were drawn and 820 live participants loomed

Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma highlighted that strength is sign of physical, emotional and mental health. Everyone is born with set of personality traits but what works is the way in which we harness our capabilities. He presented that success has many interpretations but we should not mix it with progression. One has to define success and draw self-portrait. We all have combination of our dreams, strengths, weaknesses, truths and blind spots. Fixing weakness is not good rather explore strengths and cultivate talent and opportunities.

His view on achievement of strength was very enlightening and he emphasized that without struggle strength cannot be achieved. There is difference in expectations and realities. One should accept his or her faults and embrace flaws but definitely overcome these. Discipline is the key if we want to succeed in life. Strength with discipline brings success. He also underlined that feeling of wellness should come. For that one has to nurture his/ her mind and body. Self-care is essential but for that pre requisite is, “love yourself.”

Answering to the questions of participants related to good mental health, Prof. Verma replied that mental and physical health go hand in hand so everyone should keep good relation with environment. Further replying to a question on self-confidence, he returned that falling again and again in life should not demotivate us. Self-confidence does not come in a single day. Adversities come but we should not stop. Finally he enlightened the attendees on the question related to mantra for building strength. He said that look within, enhance your strengths, dreams make it happen, discipline is the key, love yourself, and choose friends wisely, planning is utmost important, keep going forward, strive for independence and don’t hide your weaknesses.

GIBS deeply thank Padmashri Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma for accepting out the invitation and enlightening the participants with his motivational thoughts.

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About the speaker

Prof. (Dr.) Mahesh Verma is the Vice Chancellor of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. He is an Indian prosthodontist and was the Director and Principal of Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences. The Government of India awarded him, in 2014, with the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, for his contributions to the fields of medicine.

Prof. Verma graduated with a degree in dentistry (BDS) from the Government Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram and secured his master's degree (MDS) from the same institution, specializing in prosthodontics.He joined the Institute of Dental Sciences of Maulana Azad Medical College and became the Head of the institute in 1995.He also did advanced training in prosthodontics at the State University of New York, Buffaloand earned an MBA from the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), University of Delhi.

Prof. Verma received the State Award from the Government of Delhi in 2001, the B. C. Roy Award in 2007,and the civilian award of Padma Shri in 2014, when he was included in the Republic Day honours. He was the Health Personality of the Year for 2012, an honour from the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).He is also a recipient of Rotary VashishatSewa Samman in 2002, Dr. P. N. Behl Foundation Award of the Delhi Medical Association in 2006, Dr. B. C. Shroff Oration Award of the Indian Prosthodontic Society Annual Conference in 2007, Commendation by the Vice Chief of Army Staff in 2009 and Commonwealth Dental Association Oration Award in 2010. He is also a World Health Organization (WHO) fellow

He has been designated a fellow of several organizations, including the American College Of Dentists, the International College of Dentists, the Pierre Fauchard Academy,the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the National Academy of Medical Sciences, the International Medical Sciences Academy, the Royal College of Surgeons of England, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the Royal College of Surgeons, Faculty of General Dentistry Practice.

Who Should Attend

This GIBS TALKS is designed for all the stake holders of Higher Education sector of the country i.e., students, parents, faculty members, administrative staff members, edupreneurs and employers.

Episode 3

28TH JUNE, 2020 (SUNDAY) at 6 PM

The sub-theme for the third Episode is ‘Reshaping Higher Education - The AICTE guide’. In the post lockdown period, changes are inevitable in almost all sectors and Higher Education is not out of it. The whole world is waiting for a vaccine which may be on the way to come from any country’s research laboratory. Further, there are several more requirements to pull this market and economy from its falling. For which there is requirement for need-based research, innovation and implementation. Many of the Programme gradually offing its shine due to poor market demand and hence what may be newer programmes which should have potential market demand. Changing scenario also demands for newer skill set amongst the graduates. To answer all these questions this third episode will be delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Anil D Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi. He will speak on what AICTE is thinking and planned for future days as a guideline for the stakeholders.

Highlight of Episode 3

GIBS organized a Live Web Talk Series, The GIBS Talks- Season-1 wef 14th June2020. Episode 3 was aired on 28stJune, 2020 where Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, All India Council for Technical Education was invited to deliver the session on the ‘Reshaping Higher Education- The AICTE Guide’. The webinar attracted 751 participants from academic fraternity, Industry and the student community. The enthusiasm was evident in the number of questions raised by the participants.

During his deliberations, a great visionary and acclaimed academician Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe focused on two important stakeholders of the higher education i.e. Students and Faculty members. He described the important initiatives taken by the Apex body for the students and for the faculty members. AICTE has introduced innovative student focused learning initiatives namely, student Induction Programme wherein students undergo three weeks induction to familarise themselves with the Institute and its region’s geography. For the examination reforms he discussed on the students internship initiative introduced by AICTE. Such initiatives will not only help in the better development of students but also will result in the greater employability of our country’s youth.

Faculty is the pillar on which the education is standing so, it is important to re- energizes them. He discussed various faculty development programmes under ATAL academy focusing on Artificial Intelligence to Data Analysis. Another important initiative is the faculty certification programme which is a pioneering work by AICTE.

Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe stressed that Government must build its infrastructure so to facilitate the blended form of learning which he emphasized as the future of education. He stressed that this blend proportion i.e. physical and virtual classroom depends upon the nature and scope of the subject. He enlightened the participants on the Swayam platform 2.0 initiatives which will be capable of hosting other MOOC as well. He also invoked the Industry leaders to contribute their CSR funds for funding the education of the less privileged students and developing infrastructure for the growth of education system in the country.

At GIBS we are deeply indebted toProf. Anil D. Sahasrabudhefor graciously delighting webinar participants with his motivational and insightful words. His powerful deliberations will go a long way in showing a path to our students and faculty members.

About the speaker

Prof. Anil Dattatraya Sahasrabudhe, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati joined All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) as Chairman on 17th July 2015. Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe Graduated from BVB College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad, Karnataka in Mechanical Engineering with First Rank and Gold medal in 1980. Subsequently, he obtained Master's and Doctoral (with UGC Fellowship) degrees from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore in 1982 and 1989 respectively

During his short time at AICTE so far, he has already introduced several reforms to make AICTE a vibrant organization. The world’s largest Hackathon, the Adjunct faculty Scheme, Mentorship Scheme for helping technical institutes, National Doctoral Fellowship Schemeand few other initiatives has attracted the attention of Honorable President of India. MHRD had given the responsibility of developing India’s indigenous MOOCs platform SWAYAM to AICTE which was successfully handled under Prof. Sahasrabudhe’s leadership. He is an approachable academic entrepreneur who relates well to stakeholders with compassion and inclusiveness, helping them to engage fully in their learning.

Who Should Attend

This GIBS TALKS is designed for all the stake holders of Higher Education sector of the country i.e., students, parents, faculty members, administrative staff members, edupreneurs and employers.

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