Events 2018-2019

S.No. Title Upload On View File
1. ELS on Gender Sensitisation and Women Issues 13th Feb, 2019 Open Now
2. Visit to District Court Rohini, Delhi 08th Feb, 2019 Open Now
3. PD Workshop on Developing Learning and Thinking Skills 06th Feb, 2019 Open Now
4. Visit to NHRC 04th Feb, 2019 Open Now
5. National Seminar on International Business 02nd Feb, 2019 Open Now
6. Celebration of Republic Day 25th Jan, 2019 Open Now
7. Alumni Lecture Series for MBA-E2A, E2B & IB2 25th Jan, 2019 Open Now
8. Alumni Lecture Series for MBA-M2A, M2B & M2C 24th Jan, 2019 Open Now
9. Workshop on Gender Sensitization & Related Issues 24th Jan, 2019 Open Now
10. Cultural Day 2019 22nd Jan, 2019 Open Now
11. PLS On Banking Industry – Trends & Practices and Industry Expectations from Fresh Management Graduates 21st Jan, 2019 Open Now
12. National Seminar Marketing-Disruptive Marketing: Creating an Impact on Customer 19th Jan, 2019 Open Now
13. Jurist Day 19th Jan, 2019 Open Now
14. Workshop on Building Emotional Competence 17th Jan, 2019 Open Now
15. Workshop on Career Counseling – Corporate Life & Requirements 16th Jan, 2019 Open Now
16. Workshop on Logical Thinking and Judgmental Skill 11th Jan, 2019 Open Now
17. Workshop on Managing Stress and Life Style 10th Jan, 2019 Open Now
18. National Law Seminar On Race, Religion, Structure And Crime-Recent Trends 5th Jan, 2019 Open Now
19. National Conference 8th Dec, 2018 Open Now
20. Industrial visit to the Bottling Plant of Coca Cola at Moon Beverages for MBA Semester 1 2nd Nov, 2018 Open Now