Vision of the Institute

To prepare outstanding professionals in business management and other disciplines, who can provide intellectual-emotional-psychological leadership; design-develop-implement systems & processes; and research-innovate-compete at national & international level.

Mission of the Institute

  • Provide an integrated learning experience stressing basic skill development, academic excellence, employable skill preparation and intellectual rigor;
  • Promote integrated personality development of students;
  • Encourage research and excellence in all activities of teaching fraternity;
  • Promote continuous improvement in processes and systems through innovative ideas and technologies, and
  • Nurture culture of fairness, equity and partnership.

Quality Policy of the Institute

  • Design Systems, Processes and Structure for quality delivery;
  • Develop Culture to foster Value Proposition;
  • Nurture Leadership; and
  • Invest Funds to sustain Quality Assurance.


  • Abidance to Law: To conduct all operations within the prescribed legal framework, norms and standards;
  • Ethics: Foster a learning environment that promotes responsible, principled and accountable behaviour among all members of the community;
  • Integrity: Commit to practices that are fair, honest and objective;
  • Student Service: Respond to inquiries, requests, and concerns in an appropriate and timely manner, and
  • Quality: Constant endeavour to enhance quality of delivery and technology level.


Centre of Management Studies


Aims to cultivate exceptional management professionals, who embody intellectual, emotional, and psychological leadership, excel in strategy formulation and execution, advance management research, drive innovation, and thrive in the global competitive landscape.


Building upon the college’s mission, the Department of Management Studies is dedicated to:

  • Delivering a holistic management education that encompasses core skill development, academic excellence, practical readiness for the business world, and unyielding intellectual rigor.
  • Nurturing well-rounded student growth, fostering ethical values, emotional intelligence, and leadership acumen within the dynamic realm of management.
  • Fostering a research-driven environment, inspiring faculty and students to pursue excellence in management studies and contribute to the advancement of managerial knowledge.
  • Evolving pedagogical approaches to stay attuned to the evolving business landscape, ensuring exceptional learning outcomes.
  • Creating an inclusive and collaborative community that embraces diverse perspectives, fostering a richer educational journey in management studies.

Centre of Legal Studies


Aims to nurture exceptional legal professionals with a strong foundation in legal expertise and a commitment to embodying leadership qualities and promoting justice in the global legal landscape.


Building upon the college’s mission, the Department of Law strives to fulfill its unique role by:

  • Offering a comprehensive legal education that hones critical thinking, analytical prowess, and a deep comprehension of legal principles and practices.
  • Cultivating a holistic student experience that fosters ethical values, empathy, and a profound commitment to upholding the rule of law.
  • Nurturing a research-driven environment where faculty and students contribute to the advancement of legal scholarship and the evolution of jurisprudence.
  • Innovating pedagogical approaches to stay abreast of the dynamic legal landscape while ensuring exceptional learning outcomes.
  • Fostering an inclusive and diverse community that embraces varied viewpoints for an enriched educational journey.